Art & Craft

If you need some inspiration to get creative at home, we’re here to help!

Origami is the art of making shapes and figures from paper. If you’ve got some paper at home, then you too could be an origami master!

Magic Paper Easy Origami is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing easy step by step instructions

If step by step instructional diagrams are your preferred way to learn, Origami Way is a great site to visit. Origami Yoda anyone?




If drawing and illustration is more your thing and you wanted to practice your skills or learn some new techniques, YouTube channel Easy Things to Draw 101 is a great resource. With step by step instructions in video form, you can turn your hand to life drawing, cartoons and even video game animation.



If you’re looking for some ideas on art activities, here’s a few things to try below.

  1. Same things in the same colour. Look around your house for a number of items that are all the same colour and then draw them all together on the one page as a collage. Think about the size of each item in relation to the other items you’ve collected to draw and try to draw them to scale. At the end, you’ll have a whole page full of pictures that are the same colour. You can use your artwork as gift wrapping paper or put it in a frame.
  2. Miniature Copy. Replicate a famous painting by making a smaller copy. There’s no need to stick to the original artwork too carefully. Feel free to get creative with colours and shapes.
  3. Paint the seasons. Think about summer, winter, spring and autumn and what the seasons mean to you. What colours would you use, what places or items do you associate with a season? For example, summer might be hats, sunscreen and the colour yellow. Once you’ve come up with your ideas for each season, start creating. At the end, you’ll have 4 painting representing the seasons. What a beautiful gift for a loved one.




If art appreciation is more your style, did you know that a number of art galleries and museums now offer virtual tours of their exhibits.