Your Life, Your Choice

Your Life Your Choice is designed to put you in the driver’s seat, giving you access to a range of supports and services that are tailored to your needs and set out to help you to achieve your goals.

This program prepares you for what life may be like under the NDIS and is designed to put you at the centre of decision making, determining how you receive your support and from whom.

We can act as your host provider, helping you as much or as little as you like in terms of the planning, budgeting and organisation of your support.

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Accessing Your Life Your Choice in 6 easy steps:

1. Check your eligibility

If you have an individual funding package speak to your local Disabilities Services Office at Department of Communities Child Safety and Disability Services to understand if you are eligible for Your Life Your Choice.

2. Meet with a host provider

You can meet with an Endeavour Foundation Choice + Connect programme coordinator for a free initial conversation to see how we can help meet your needs and goals.

3. Sign up with a host provider

Once you are happy with the services and supports that a host provider can offer, a joint agreement is signed and funding commences.

4. Create your plan

Work through your current support and services and discuss those you would like to receive in the future to create your personalised plan.

5. Put your plan into action

We will connect you to the supports, services and other providers to achieve the goals you have identified in your plan.

6. Review your plan

If your needs change your plan can be reviewed at any time or usually every 12 months to see what’s working and what’s not.

For a more detailed step by step guide click here.

There is a small fee for these services, a one-off establishment fee and an ongoing administration fee.

Fee Our Responsibilities
One-Off Establishment $500
  • Negotiate Host Provider agreement
  • Establish an individual financial acquittal system
  • 2 hours of support to complete initial support plan and budget
  • Self-direction and self-management
Level 1 administration fee:
5% of total allocated funding per annum
  • Receive funding
  • Manage payment of invoices
  • Maintain financial records
  • Provide monthly financial statements
  • Translate support plan and budget to National Data Set (NMDS) outputs
  • Complete quarterly NMDS reporting
Level 2 administration fee:
7.5% of total allocated funding per annum
Level 1 services and 2-4 hours of support coordination per quarter to:
  • approach organisations to obtain quotes for purchasing your supports
  • engage with the organisations to purchase supports
  • case-manage your services and supports
Additional coordination of services:
$60 per hour
  • Work with you to develop your plan for support (more than the initial 2 hours provided)
  • Identify support and services options
  • Obtain quotes for services
  • Coordinate and monitor delivery of supports and services

To talk to someone about Your Life Your Choice, contact us on 1800 112 112 or email us here

For more information, please download the fact sheet

Your Life Your Choice is available in Queensland only.

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