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Increasingly common in the world of computer games, Virtual Reality (VR) technology is being used by Endeavour Foundation to help people with disability learn important life and employment skills.

A range of Virtual Reality (VR) learning experiences have been developed including how to catch the train, cross the road, use an ATM and make a coffee. This gives people with disability the opportunity to learn and practice in a safe environment before trying out their new skills in the real world.

Each of the scenarios are built to reflect the local environment, so customers recognise their local supermarket, ATM or fish and chip shop.

Endeavour Foundation started experimenting with VR technologies four-years ago when they collaborated with the Queensland University of Technology. Since then, partnerships with Aurizon, Heritage Bank, Transurban and insurance firm XL Catlin have made a broad range of learning experiences possible.

The team of educators and developers behind the innovative program have also created learning experiences aimed at developing employment skills including how to be a barista and how to navigate a work site when there are dangers present like forklifts. The team are now working on a driving simulation, which is one of the big things young people look for when they leave school and want to move out from Mum and Dad.

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