Learning and Life Skills Framework

Whatever an individual’s goals are – for life, for work or personally – we work together to identify the skills and knowledge needed in order to get there. Our Learning and Life Skills Framework provides a structured approach to achieving those goals through an individualised and outcomes driven, learning and development program.

You can choose from a range of learning and life skills domains as well as progressive learning modules – introductory, intermediate and advanced. This means that wherever you are on your learning journey and wherever you want to get to, our framework can flex to support you every step of the way.

Importantly, this approach delivers highly personalised and structured support to help people with disability meet their short and long term NDIS goals for skills development and learning.

It also provides regular checkpoints to track progress (achievement, areas for revision and new opportunities for skills development) which provides important information for participants in their NDIS planning sessions.

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Learning and Life Skills Modules

Some of the areas you might focus on include:

Life skills

Master daily tasks such as cooking and domestic skills, hygiene, budgeting, home maintenance and organisational skills.

Foundation skills

Build your skills in literacy and numeracy from basic concepts to advanced writing, reading, viewing, listening and comprehension.

Leisure, adventure and recreation

Get out - or stay in - have fun, make connections and do what makes you happy.

Healthy body and healthy mind

Be active and learn about making healthy choices, as well as how to be responsible for your mental and physical wellbeing.

Passion projects

Do what you’re passionate about! It could be skill development, or launching your own online business, or simply exploring a creative outlet.

Computers and Technology

Experience traditional and new types of technology, including computers, tablets, smartphones, virtual technologies, robotics, coding, digital photography, video and music.

Connecting with nature

Experience nature, whether it’s the bush or ocean, growing flowers or vegies or even collecting eggs from hens in the backyard.


Develop important skills needed for work, whether it’s work experience, volunteer or paid employment.

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