Whatever your goals – for life, for work or personally – we partner with you to identify the skills and knowledge that you need to build in order to achieve them.

Endeavour Foundation's origins are in the delivery of learning and development opportunities for people with disability, and that commitment to learning continues to this day.

Working with you, and with your strengths and interests, we’ll co-design your personal learning journey to make sure that it fits your needs and gets you to you where you want to be.

You can start your learning journey in a number of different ways including at our Learning and Lifestyle centres.

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Some of the areas that you might focus on include:

  • Life Skills

    Focuses on day to day tasks, such as cooking and domestic skills, hygiene, organisational skills, budgeting, home maintenance, public transport and public safety and interactive tasks such as banking and social activities.
  • Literacy and Numeracy

    Supports skill development in literacy and numeracy, with a focus on progressively developing skills from basic concepts to increasingly complex written, reading, viewing, listening and comprehension. Foundation Skills also seeks to develop numeracy and mathematical skills in concepts including number, measurement, geometry, probability and statistics.
  • Community Engagement

    Supports connection and interaction with local people, areas and events.
  • Computers and Technology

    Draws on traditional and new types of technology, including computers, tablets, smartphones, virtual technologies, robotics, coding, digital photography, video and music to support people to describe, draw and model ideas and create content.
  • Health Body / Healthy Mind

    Focuses on being active, making healthy choices and being responsive your mental and physical wellbeing. It supports you to take care of yourself and your family and friends, and to make the right choices when it comes your health and lifestyle.
  • Hobbies & Recreation

    Is about getting out - or staying in - having fun, making connections and simply doing what makes you happy. It focuses on connecting with friends, doing fun things at home, at a centre or in the community, or simply taking time to relax and unwind.
  • Employment

    Focuses on developing skills needed for work, whether it’s work experience, volunteer or paid employment. You will undertake both theory and practical applications to learn the skills needed to know what type of work you are interested in, search for work, apply for and undertake interviews, appropriate dress and language and behaviour when in the workplace.
  • Passion Projects

    All about doing what you’re passionate about! It could be skill development, or launching your own online business, or simply exploring a creative outlet. If it makes you smile; if you lose track of time doing it, then this is what passion projects is all about.
  • Connecting with Nature

    The importance of nature – whether it’s the bush or ocean, growing flowers or vegies or even collecting eggs from hens in the backyard, means that you can touch, taste, smell, hear and see those things which make up the world. It might mean conducting experiments to see how things work, or taking time out to literally smell the roses.
  • Individual Supports

    Enables you to identify specific types of supports required, and, if available, provide those supports on an individual basis. This might mean extra focus on Foundation Skills, or Community Engagement, or another area of interest.
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