Individualising Block Grants


In 2012, in readiness for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), the Queensland Government identified the need for a more personalised, flexible way for people to choose and buy disability support services.

As a large provider of block funded disability services, and one of Queensland’s most established not for profits, Endeavour Foundation was asked to lead the way in supporting people with disability to exercise greater choice and control through the establishment of an Individualising Block Grants Pilot.

In line with commitment to advocacy, person centred practice and approaches, we recognised early on the importance of involving those people most affected in how the new arrangements were shaped, and established and worked under the close scrutiny of a Project Reference Group. The Group, made up of future NDIS participants, family representatives, representatives from a number of disability service providers, the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services, and National Disability Services, ensured we had an open and transparent forum for innovative collaboration, co-creation and sharing of best practice, and provided an avenue for crucial feedback and input from all stakeholder groups.

As an organisation the learnings and outcomes of the pilot have been significant. Not only has Endeavour Foundation established a decision framework for organisations to use to determine if they are going to individualise and if so how, but also to ensure a smooth transition to the NDIS in 2016, a conversation kit for frontline staff and managers to use for crucial conversations with people to support them to transition into the NDIS.

Below you will find just a few of the tools we used during the pilot, including easy read materials designed for use with people with a disability and their family in introducing them to the concept of individualising block grants and greater choice and control over the services and supports they receive.

NDIS Conference Presentation - Accessible Version
NDIS Conference Presentation - Powerpoint
Decision Framework
Letter to Individuals
Conversation Kit
Conversation Kit (Easy Read)
Fact Sheet
Final Report
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