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We know that community inclusion is key for people to live their best life so we've focused on developing centrally located homes, close to shops, transport and services.

We've identified areas of need and are building long-term housing solutions that promote independence, are accessible and affordable for people with disability.

Rather than buying the cheapest block in a new estate with no existing services, we prioritise access to public transport, community services, allied health services, and disability support service, within a 5km radius of our new homes.

We're engaging with local construction partners when building new homes with locally supplied trades, fixtures and fittings used throughout, wherever possible.

Our 4 year initiative 


Year 1

The first year of the My Home, My Life initiative was a busy one. In the 2020-2021 financial year, we invested $12.5m to develop 16 brand new homes in:

  • Toowoomba – 5 new homes
  • Bundaberg – 4 new homes
  • Townsville – 1 new home
  • Gold Coast – 1 new home
  • Sunshine Coast – 2 new homes
  • Ipswich – 2 new homes
  • Brisbane – 1 new home

This was just the beginning of our drive to improve the accessible housing situation in Australia. Wait until you see what we have planned for the second year of the My Home, My Life initiative.

My Home My Life

My Home My Life

Year 2

The My Home, My Life initiative is now in its second year.

As one of Australia’s largest providers of Supported Independent Living we’re investing more than $45m over four years to provide people with disability the choice to live independently in a fully accessible home.

Love your neighbourhood, love your home, you have the freedom to choose.

Construction has begun on the next round of homes, investing another $11.8m to renovate and build a greater variety accessible homes, including duplexes and townhomes in:

  • Cairns – 2 new homes
  • Ipswich – 2 new homes
  • Mackay – 3 new homes
  • Rockhampton

Years 3 and 4

More new builds are planned, and land is already being purchased on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Gladstone, Brisbane, and Toowoomba for future developments.

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