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Three distinct and modern design themes have been selected for our homes because everyone deserves to live somewhere beautiful. Each design can be applied up to three times in one location, providing completely different internal and external aesthetics for townhomes, units, duplexes and house floor plans.

Our designs ensure people can be as social as they would like to be with options to enjoy shared indoor and outdoor spaces. Or have access to private areas such as personal patios, large bedrooms with sitting spaces, or break-out areas to entertain visitors or be alone.

We design a home rather than a house so key features incorporate large backyards, alfresco areas, and open plan living environments.

The flexibility in these designs means our homes will not only fit in with the local streetscape but their stylish exteriors guarantee they’ll be the envy of many neighbours on the street.

Modern Contemporary

A defining point of Modern Contemporary design is that it’s ‘of the moment.’ Today this style is defined by strong lines, neutral colours and minimalism, with splashes of brighter colour for emphasis and contrast. Neutral shades with bold, and vibrant solid colours will be used to create a happy and uplifting feeling in our modern contemporary homes.

Hamptons Coastal

Centred around a neutral coastal colour palette the Hamptons coastal style will make you feel calm and at peace. Whites and timbers, neutrals like cream, sand and ivory, as well as the navy and light blue tones that are classic features of this design, all work in harmony to create a truly Hamptons style home.

Country Rustic

Casual and cosy is the best way to describe the country rustic style. You can expect to see a colour palette of white, cream and other neutral shades with accents of striped/checked fabrics, or floral upholstery to add to the charm and nostalgia of the country look.

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