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My Home, My Life is about creating much needed housing for Australians with disability.

Endeavour Foundation believes people with a disability in Australia have the same right to the safety and comfort of having a permanent roof over their head as anyone else.

Sadly, there are currently 5,600 people with a disability aged under 65 living in aged care and this is unacceptable.

However, the challenge doesn’t stop there.

Demand for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is still outstripping supply among NDIS participants.

At the same time, we know many people with a disability are still living at home with aging parents who themselves may need additional supports.

Tackling the accessible housing shortage

Tackling accessible housing shortage

When Endeavour Foundation surveyed the parents of people with intellectual disability, they told us their biggest concern was who would care for their children when they died.

This situation is intolerable and is the driving force behind our My Home, My Life initiative.

The time for action is now.

We want to see more accessible homes built to meet the needs of people with disability and address the shortfall in accessible housing.

Our My Home, My Life initiative aims to shed light on the chronic housing shortage facing Australians with a disability and take real action to tackle this issue.

Our investment

Endeavour customers in back yard

Endeavour Foundation is committing almost $35m over the next three years in the construction of purpose-built accessible homes and the refurbishment of existing homes to bring them to the highest standards. We will build 59 new dwellings – a mix of houses, duplexes, and town homes – and refurbish 26 of our existing dwellings.

This means 252 of our current residents will enjoy a full refurbishment of their current home or a brand new home.

It will also provide more than 100 people with intellectual disability, who may never before have had the opportunity, the choice to live more independently.

This is the largest investment in accessible housing in Endeavour Foundation’s 70-year history and represents our significant contribution to solving Australia’s accessible housing shortage and making possibilities a reality for people with a disability.

Endeavour customers in back yard

Why My Home, My Life matters

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A home is about more than bricks and mortar.

A home is a sanctuary.

It's a place where we can spend time with our friends, family and loved ones, or simply enjoy time to ourselves.

Our home is a symbol of our individuality and independence.

"My Home" represents the ownership you experience and your feeling of safety.

"My Life" represents the independence and choice you have as you live your best life with support when you need it.

Put together, Endeavour Foundation's My Home, My Life initiative gives residents a place to truly call home and the independence to live life in a way that they choose.

We urge Australians to support Endeavour Foundation as we advocate for, and build, accessible housing.

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