Our Structure

Endeavour Foundation is an independent ‘for purpose’ organisation.

We are a public company limited by guarantee, meaning we have members rather than shareholders and we reinvest any surplus back into the organisation.

We are accountable via our:

Our Annual Report describes Endeavour Foundation’s governance in detail, including policy statements, internal audits, and risk and quality management.

Board and Executive Leaders

Our Board of Directors and Executive Leaders are drawn from a range of industries, providing broad experience and strategic direction for the company.

Board of Directors

Executive Leadership Team

Area Committees

Area Committees are an important part of our governance structure. Endeavour Foundation currently has ten Area Committees made up of Endeavour Foundation members.

If you would like to know more about your local Area Committee or become a member of one, please click here to see a map which will assist you to find more details.

National Council

Endeavour Foundation has a National Council consisting of up to two elected members from each of the Area Committees. The Council meets at least twice every year and serves as an additional forum within our governance structure.

Support Groups

Endeavour Foundation works with a number of local groups representing families and interested stakeholders. These groups are not part of our formal structure but play an important role in providing support for families and carers.