Our COVID-19 response

Endeavour Foundation is responding to COVID-19 daily, prioritising the ongoing wellbeing and safety of the people we support and essential workers.

Our focus is to continue to provide services and take steps to manage the spread of COVID-19 by following public health orders and implementing COVID-safe practices at all sites and services.

If Endeavour Foundation supports you in your home, we have procedures in place to care for and support your recovery at home if you become unwell or are COVID-19 positive.

We also have protective measures in place for people we support in workplaces and the community.

Remember, the Endeavour Foundation COVID-19 hotline is staffed by nurses and ready to take your call 24/7. Phone 1800 983 006.

Here’s our TOP TIPS to help keep you and others safe

Stay Home

  • If you are feeling unwell,please do not put others at risk
  • Stay Home
  • Contact the Endeavour Foundation 24/7 COVID -19 Hotline on 1800 983 006

Wash Hands

  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Wear a mask
  • Keep a distance of at least 1.5m from others if you can.

Make a plan

  • Think ahead about what you will do if/when you contract COVID-19 and need to isolate
  • Endeavour Foundation can help you with this
  • Think about who you will call, where you will isolate and the support you may need.


  • Are your vaccinations up to date?
  • If you are eligible, don't delay. Get it asap. Locate your closest vaccination venue
  • Please let us know when you've had the jab so we can advise the NDIS

What should I do if I feel unwell or contract COVID-19 myself?

If you are a person we support in the community and your workplace:

  1. Call your site manager, employment coach or the Endeavour Foundation hotline on 1800 983 006 to let us know
  2. Stay home
  3. If you have a ‘COVID ready’ plan already prepared, put in motion the actions you have identified
  4. Call your GP and let them know so you can be monitored by them
  5. Coordinate a time to be tested – PCR or RAT test. Endeavour Foundation can assist you if needed
  6. Isolate from the onset of symptoms or from the day you are tested and remain there for 7 days or until you no longer have symptoms (if still symptomatic after 7 days) or receive a negative test result
  7. Make sure you have a good support network around you. If you feel that you need more help call the NDIS COVID call centre on 1800 800 110 or triple zero (000) in a medical emergency.

Note: at the moment, while infections and spread of COVID-19 is high in our communities, we are limiting community activity to ‘in centre’ at Endeavour Foundation Learning and Lifestyle hubs. That means the people we support can still have fun but won’t go to external activities such as swimming or dance at another venue.

If you receive in-home supports

We have plans and resources in place to care for you and support your recovery at home. Your support worker can still care for you and will wear full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) until you are well again, to keep them safe and well too!

  1. If you are feeling unwell, please tell Endeavour Foundation
  2. They will then call our hotline and advise the team
  3. We will help isolate you from other housemates to keep them safe and well too
  4. We have Rapid Antigen Test kits on hand, so we can do a quick non-invasive test
  5. The team will follow infection control procedures such as closely monitoring your symptoms (as COVID affects everyone differently)
  6. We will also suspend all activities outside the home until you are well
  7. All homes have first aid equipment, from necessities to thermometers. If someone is unwell, symptoms are monitored regularly, and a Home Doctor or GP telehealth services are engaged if medical attention is needed
  8. If a person is hospitalised, first emergency contacts are notified. Our team will go to the hospital and provide support and health information to the hospital. Our experience is that hospital staff welcome involvement from families and support workers. We are the people closest to the patient, most likely familiar with the symptoms and can best manage confusion or stress.

What should I do if I am a close contact to someone who has COVID-19?

If you have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19, please call the Endeavour Foundation COVID-19 hotline on 1800 983 006 or tell your home site supervisor as soon as possible. Instructions will be provided on next steps.

What happens if my support worker gets COVID-19?

Endeavour Foundation will immediately notify you and your family or carer that your support worker is COVID-19 positive or isolating.

You do not need to worry though, as we have procedures in place to ensure our team can adapt and move to where they need to be, so you will always have support.

You might have a different support worker for a short time, until your person can return to you when they are well and it is safe for you. This will usually be around one week.


The Commonwealth Government has produced several resources and information to supporting people with intellectual disability during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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