JobKeeper and Staff Entitlements

Here you will find the information and resources around the JobKeeper wage subsidy, employee leave entitlements and flexible working arrangements.

JobKeeper has now ceased

The JobKeeper wage subsidy that was introduced for businesses affected by COVID-19 has now ceased. We have determined that Endeavour Foundation is not eligible for an extension of these payments, which means all Endeavour Foundation employees will no longer have their salary subsidised by JobKeeper.

There will not be any redundancies or reduced hours as a result of JobKeeper ceasing.


What is JobKeeper?

The JobKeeper payment helps businesses impacted by COVID-19 to cover some of their employees’ wages. It is not paid directly to staff.

Will my pay be affected?

If you are currently working and earn more than $1,500 per fortnight, there will be no changes to your pay. If you are currently working and earn less than $1,500 per fortnight, your pay reverts back to pre-COVID amounts. Supported Employee pay will also revert back to pre-COVID amounts.

If you are currently stood-down, you will not receive pay unless you are taking paid leave.


Did JobKeeper impact my leave or superannuation?

No. You will continue to accrue your personal, annual and long service leave. Your superannuation will also continue to be paid on your regular wages.

Am I entitled to back pay for JobKeeper?

The JobKeeper scheme does not allow for backpays.

How does JobKeeper work with Access Pay?

If you have earned income in this financial year you can continue to salary package. If you have not earned income this financial year, you will not be able to salary package if you are only receiving the JobKeeper payment. This is because the ATO classify the JobKeeper as an allowance, and you cannot package allowances.

Leave entitlements

Leave Entitlements

Our negative leave policy implemented during COVID-19 lockdown restrictions has now ceased.

If you have any questions about the above please speak with your leader or email

You can check your current personal and annual leave balances via your Peoplesoft Employee Self Service portal on our intranet to confirm your current leave status.

Flexible Working Arrangements

Flexible working arrangement options are available to help you navigate the impacts of COVID-19 on your personal and family circumstances. Options include:

  • Reducing your working hours through paid / unpaid leave or moving to a part time arrangement.
  • Adjusting your usual hours of work (e.g. 5am – 8am then 4pm – 9pm to align with school).
  • Taking personal or annual leave to better focus on the needs of your family.

Flexible Working Arrangements
Please discuss flexible working arrangements with your leader. For any questions, please email or call 07 3900 5460.