Endeavour Foundation’s Community and Advocacy Support (CAS) Unit has a strong focus on systemic advocacy. We do know however, that there are times people we support and their family/carers need to access the support of individual advocacy services. At Endeavour Foundation, we encourage the customers we support and their family/carers to access individual advocacy services that are independent and we help with access by referring people to a network of organisations throughout our service footprint.

Referrals and advocacy support for matters involving allegations of abuse, exploitation, neglect, at-risk behaviour or significant conflict are prioritised. Our Social Workers within the CAS Unit will make every effort to connect with independent advocates whenever and wherever this is required.

An advocate is always on the side of the customer and will make every effort to involve the customer in decision making, even if the customer has a cognitive impairment, neurological impairment or a mental health crisis.


A need for individual advocacy is identified either by Endeavour Foundation, a customer or an external agency e.g. Police, health provider.

During business hours

Referral to CAS Unit. If needed, the CAS social worker will speak directly with the customer.


After business hours

Crisis response team take referral, if urgent refer matter to relevant on call Service Manager.

Crisis response with customer not requiring independent advocate.

Referral and intake for/with social worker intervention that may include crisis support, ongoing case management & wrap around support within an Endeavour Foundation service context.


Independent advocacy is required.

Social Worker identifies suitable independent advocate or advocacy organisation. If the customer or their decision maker wants the support of the advocate, the Social Worker makes the connection.

The most suitable advocate is suggested based on their specific content knowledge, this may mean they are not within the customer’s local area.


Customer response

Customer just wants information or to be directed to where they can find information themselves.

Customer follow up

Follow up with customer and/or family to evaluate process and identify any required actions.