NDIS announces pricing change.

The NDIA has released a NDIS Price Guide and Support Catalogue that comes into effect from 1 December 2020.

For our Home, Work and Community Customers one change you may see is an increase to the price limits for some supports due to the Equal Remuneration Order.

Equal Remuneration Order (ERO)

From 1 December 2020, the price limits for some support items will increase by 1.5% and 2.7%

In 2012, the Fair Work Commission made an ERO to gradually increase wages for some employees in the Social and Community Services sector. This is the final increase.

How does it affect me?

Endeavour Foundation will start charging the ERO increased price limits from 1 December 2020. This will help us to continue to provide a high standard of support to our customers. From 5 December 2020. Your NDIS funding will be automatically increased due to the ERO adjustment. Your funding increase will be backdated to 1 December 2020.

In order to deliver your agreed supports Endeavour may need to access some of your increased funding to cover the supports we will deliver to you during your plan.

As a customer of Endeavour Foundation, do I need to do anything?

No. There is nothing you need to do as a result of this price change. Your funding has been increased by the NDIA to cover the new prices and there will be no impact to you.

Who do I contact if I have further questions?

Please contact our Customer Service Team on 1800 112 112 if you have any questions about this change.