$27,000 grant to benefit people with a disability in Townsville

Endeavour Foundation Industries’ Townsville supported employees – employees with a disability – are benefitting from a $27,272 grant from the Queensland Government’s Gambling Community Benefit Fund Unit.

The grant was used to buy a state-of-the-art clean cloth compactor for the service’s industrial cleaning cloth section.

The compactor uses hydraulics to condense cloth into about half of the bundles’ previous volume – into 10kg parcels.

The machinery saves space, time in condensing the material and also makes Endeavour Foundation Industries’ clean cloth service a far stronger competitor in the market.

“We sell clean cloth to businesses in the mining industry, trucking businesses and the like,” said manager Chris Fisher.

“The addition of this state-of-the-art machinery not only improves productivity and the efficiency of the process but it also presents the products in a far more professional and attractive way.”

Not only will the new compactor boost Endeavour Foundation Industries Townsville’s ability to compete in the cleaning cloth market, but the new Elephant’s Foot clean cloth compactor has improved work practices for supported employees.

“Our supported employees are absolutely loving it,” said Chris.

“The machinery is very easy to use and a lot better in terms of occupational health and safety, which we pride ourselves on.

“The new compactor cuts out the need for lifting as the 10kg packs are loaded on to pallets.

“Before, we had to lift the products into bags and then sew the top of the bags. Now we don’t have to do any of that so it’s also more environmentally friendly as there’s no need for bags.”

Chris said the compactor was so popular that supported employees in other areas of the service were putting up their hands to work in the cleaning cloth area.

One supported employee who is loving the new addition to the workplace is Matthew Nielsen.

The 34-year-old has been with the service for four years and while he performs a range of tasks, Matthew primarily works cutting cloth and now pressing the cloth into 10kg parcels using the new compactor.

“Matthew’s taken to the compactor like a duck to water. He’s grasped the use of the press very quickly,” said Chris.

Matthew has enjoyed putting his training to use.

“I like how easy the machine is to use and I like watching the hydraulic action of the compressing,” Matthew said.

A dedication ceremony will be held tomorrow, Tuesday 25 January, for the new clean cloth compactor.

Member for Herbert Ewen Jones will attend the dedication and Councillor David Crisafulli will speak at the event.

Those interested in buying industrial cleaning cloth can call Endeavour Foundation Industries on 4779 2041.

Endeavour Foundation Industries Townsville employs 51 people with a disability, who work on a range of products.

It is one of 26 Endeavour Foundation Industries services located throughout Queensland and Sydney, which provide supported employment and specialised training opportunities for people with a disability.

All Endeavour Foundation Industries proceeds go to supporting people with a disability.


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