Walking and talking to improve health of people with a disability

An exciting new interactive program designed to improve the health, wellbeing and social engagement of people with a disability has been launched and it is looking for volunteers.

The Walk & Talk Program is a 12-week university research initiative aimed at improving the physical activity of people with a disability and is underpinned by Endeavour Foundation’s Health and Wellbeing program and the Queensland Centre for Intellectual and Developmental Disability (QCIDD).

The Walk & Talk Program pairs community volunteers, known as ‘walking buddies’, with people with a disability across South East Queensland and on the Sunshine Coast so that they can go for a walk at least once a week for up to half an hour.

The volunteer walking buddies will be required to commit to the 12 week program, hopefully leading to such successful outcomes as enhanced health and wellbeing for the participants, stronger community relationships for people with a disability, increased community understanding and knowledge of people with a disability and improved knowledge about the benefits of physical activity.

People with intellectual disability have high rates of health problems and life expectancy can be reduced by up to 20 years. It is anticipated that the Walk & Talk Program will improve health while leading to new friendships and community engagement.

The initiative will run throughout the year, based on the appropriate pairing of a walking buddy with a participant. It will provide information which will help The University of Queensland’s research into the benefits of physical activity for members of the community and people with a disability.

Community members wishing to volunteer to be a ‘walking buddy’ can contact Endeavour Foundation’s Volunteering Department on (07) 3908 7253 or by emailing volunteering@endeavour.com.au.


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