“Walk a Mile Day” shows importance of a job

Endeavour Foundation is throwing open the doors of local employment services for people with a disability, giving locals the chance to “Walk a Mile” in the shoes of our employees during Disability Action Week.

Endeavour Foundation Executive General Manager of Employment Services Andrew Donne said “Walk a Mile” is a chance for people to work alongside people with a disability and see what it means for them to have a job.

“While it is generally a lot of fun, it’s also a chance to understand how we modify the jobs to be done, so that everyone has something to do within their own skill set,” Mr Donne said.

“By doing this we can provide employment and training options not found in many workplaces. These opportunities can boost confidence, self-esteem and a sense of purpose.

“We want to see all people with a disability have the choice to work in the open labour market alongside their fellow Australians.

“However, the reality is that many mainstream employers can’t provide the inclusive practices, support and resources that are needed for someone with an intellectual disability to hold an appropriate job in the open market.

“Employment rates for people with a disability in Australia are ranked at 21 out of 27 OECD countries, so it’s important that we continue to offer training and supported employment options to help bridge the gap for people with a disability.

“Until the day comes when Australian businesses are willing and able to employ every person with a disability who wants to work and support them appropriately in the workplace, we must ensure there are meaningful employment and training options available,” he said.

“In our employment services, we do a wide range of work for business and industry. That means we can provide dignified work - not a handout. We provide real jobs, for real commercial work.

“We are lucky to enjoy the support of many local businesses – and a few household names. By working with and for them, we can remain financially viable, keep operating, and offer more training and support for people with a disability.

“We appreciate the strong support we enjoy in the local community.

“We encourage people who want to know more to come and visit, meet some of our wonderful employees for themselves, and find out what kind of services we can offer,” Mr Donne said.

Endeavour Foundation is an independent not-for-profit organisation supporting people with a disability throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. This includes accommodation, education, training, vocational and lifestyle opportunities. Find out more at endeavour.com.au.


Kirrily Boulton
National Media & Communications Manager
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