Victoria couple win life changing house in Noosa

Lynette thought she was getting a scam call when she answered her phone, so she asked the caller to ring the following day. The caller refused. Instead, Lynette was told she had won a house in Noosa worth almost two and half million dollars. 

“I was doing the vegies for tea,” Lynette said. 

“I couldn't find the ticket and then I thought it was one of those scam callers so I asked her to call back tomorrow but she said 'no, I‟ll hang on' so that I could find the ticket. 

“My husband, Dennis, was waffling on in the lounge so I got him to come to the phone and then Wilma told us that we had won Endeavour Foundation's Life-Changer Lottery prize home. 

“I didn't know what to say and Dennis cried.” 

'Wilma' is Endeavour Foundation's Prize Home Lotteries and Bingo Manager, Wilma Burton. 

“Lynette just went quiet,” Wilma said. 

“People usually don‟t believe me when I ring to say they have won a house, it is normal!” 

The retired couple from Mornington in Victoria bought their first tickets in Endeavour Foundation Lotteries after being sent a brochure for the Life-Changer Lottery which had 1,083 prizes including the $2.48 million house just metres from the world-renowned Sunshine Beach in Noosa. 

“We thought we'd have a go because it looked interesting,‟ said Dennis, 69, who was a furniture removalist for 40 years. 

“We might have won a few dollars here and there in the lotto or possibly a meat raffle but we've never won anything like this!” 

The house proved to be an early 65th birthday present for Lynette who worked on the kitchen staff of an aged care service before retirement. She can celebrate in style on Dec 18th. 

“It's great timing,” she said. 

“It will be wonderful to have our son and two grandchildren to stay.” 

“We've been in our current house for ten years so we haven't decided what the plan will be.” 

They will continue to buy Endeavour Foundation tickets though, says Dennis. 

“I'll tell people to buy tickets because if you don't have a go you won't win.”