Mt Druitt's Mary is ready for open employment

Mary Kelditis certainly knows the benefits of supported employment with Endeavour Foundation.

With the support of staff at Endeavour Foundation Industries Mt Druitt, also known as Filpac, in Sydney, Mary successfully completed Certificate III in Office Administration through TAFE recently.

Mary, 27, has now set her goal for 2011 to work in open employment for the first time.

Mary worked five days a week in the Mt Druitt service’s food packaging and machinery area before starting the TAFE course, after which she cut back to two days a week.

During these two days a week Mary worked in the service’s office administration area to enhance her course-related skills and ensure she was well-equipped to succeed in her desired field.

Mary said on-the-job training at Endeavour Foundation including customer relations, answering the phones, filing and general administration greatly helped her succeed at TAFE.

“It gave me confidence and showed me what I was capable of,” Mary said.

With these skills now under her belt, Mary is looking forward to seeking open employment and confident she will succeed in a new administration role.

Endeavour Foundation Industries Mt Druitt provides supported employment, specialised training, personal development and social opportunities to 240 people with a disability.

“The organisation offers a comprehensive assessment to supported employees, to determine the best employment options based on the individual’s skills, abilities, personal goals and availability,” said Manager Cory Magtibay.

“We encourage and support people with a disability to achieve their goals and aspirations like we have with Mary, by up-skilling her and supporting her to seek open employment in her desired field of administration.

“Supported employment with Endeavour Foundation enables people with a disability to earn an income while they receive specialised training.

“It’s also a great transition from school for those who may not be ready for open employment.”

Endeavour Foundation Industries has three services in Sydney — Seven Hills, Mt Druitt and Castle Hill — which were acquired from the insolvent Cumberland Industries last year, thus saving nearly 500 local jobs.

For more details about Endeavour Foundation and supported employment in Sydney see Supported Employment or call Denise Apps on (02) 8867 4213 or Tina Allen (02) 8867 4200. 


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