Moore funds for Endeavour Foundation

Endeavour Foundation will benefit to the tune of $200,000+ thanks to a remarkable auction organised by Lionel Moore Trailers.

Three of the Moore family are taking part in the Super Endeavour Rally - one of the longest-running and most successful charity motoring events in Australia – and are fundraising for the event which has raised millions of dollars to support people with a disability.

For the 25th running of the Rally, Lionel and his sons Shayne and Grahame put a double-trailer out to tender with the highest bid claiming the Moore Trailers Side Tipper.

It has been announced that All States Truck & Commercial Rentals of Toowoomba won the tender process and the money they have paid for the trailers, more than $200,000, will benefit the Moores’ fundraising pledge for the Super Endeavour Rally which will go to Endeavour Foundation.

Lionel Moore has taken part in the Rally for 15 years and sons Shayne and Grahame have participated for the last few years, all in the name of raising money for people with a disability.

This year the Great Endeavour Rally travels from Toowoomba (where it all started in 1988) through western Queensland and up to the Gulf of Carpentaria and back to Yeppoon. This starts on 9th July.

The Super Endeavour Rally (for the more experienced teams) travels from Charleville via East Arnhem Land to Yeppoon and starts on 2nd July.

For the second consecutive year, ten Endeavour Foundation service users will be participating on the Great Endeavour Rally.

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