Mark in the driver's seat for Yeerongpilly

Mark Blasdall is enjoying greater heights of his career after becoming the delivery driver at Endeavour Foundation Industries Yeerongpilly.  

Mark is one of 91 people with a disability who enjoy supported employment and specialised training at Endeavour Foundation Industries Yeerongpilly.

He had been diligently working towards taking on the role of delivery truck driver which had been held by his good friend Mark Johnson, before his death in 2010.

Under the guidance of support staff, Mark Blasdall took to the road as a trainee delivery driver and soon mastered the necessary skills to gain his MR truck licence.

“I enjoy the responsibility of being the delivery driver and being able to meet new people and getting to know our customers,” said Mark.

Endeavour Foundation Industries Yeerongpilly manager Telly Velante said the 48-year-old has shown great dedication and motivation to learn new skills throughout his five years at Endeavour Foundation Industries Yeerongpilly.

The MR licence is Mark’s second major achievement. Last year staff supported Mark to obtain his forklift licence after he flagged this as a goal.

He is now helping train two fellow supported employees to achieve their forklift licences.

Supported employees at Endeavour Foundation Industries Yeerongpilly work on a variety of tasks to fulfil contracts with businesses, including food packaging, labelling, shrink wrapping and heat sealing. Those wanting to know more about supported employment or volunteering at Endeavour Foundation Industries Yeerongpilly, or business partnerships/opportunities, please call 3892 7014.


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