Kingaroy Kitchen is flavour of the month for partnership fund

Kingaroy Kitchen, which creates Endeavour Foundation’s famous home-style foods, has received a major financial boost which will transform its produce, increase support for people with a disability and improve its promotion of the South Burnett region.

Kingaroy Kitchen has been awarded a massive $27,000 grant by the Tarong Community Partnership Fund which is made available through the energy company, Stanwell Corporation Limited.

The grant will be used to install a new commercial mixer in the biscuit kitchen which frees the biscuit mixer to be moved to the Fine Food kitchen to increase the batch size of fruit cakes from 10 to 20.

It will also purchase two ovens, one for the Fine Food kitchen and the other for the Gluten Free kitchen. This will lead to an expansion of the gluten free products, including the highly popular gluten free mini fruit cake, while the additional oven in the Fine Food kitchen will allow for cakes and catering products to be cooked concurrently.

The new cooking hardware will help to increase sales leading to greater outcomes for the 27 supported employees who work at Kingaroy Kitchen. It will also improve the Kingaroy Kitchen experience for the many tourists who visit to watch through the viewing windows, while helping to promote the South Burnett region by showcasing its products at food and wine shows such as the annual Regional Flavours Market at South Bank in Brisbane.

The Kingaroy Kitchen manager, Hazel Patterson, is delighted with the grant and says the benefits are numerous.

“It will increase our sales which feed directly into supporting people with a disability including our supported employees and this will, in turn, help to publicise Kingaroy and the whole of the South Burnett region.

“Endeavour Foundation is extremely grateful to the Tarong Community Partnership Fund and the Stanwell Corporation for this incredible support.”

Note: Kingaroy Kitchen produces a range of home-style foods including biscuits, cakes, chutneys, jams and marmalades. All fruit and vegetables are sourced from the Burnett region.

Profits from sales help to support more than 3,350 people with a disability across Queensland and in Sydney including more than 360 people in south west Queensland.


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