Innovative accommodation for Bundaberg

12 September 2013


CEO David Barbagallo has welcomed news that Endeavour Foundation will share in $4.7 million to establish innovative, inclusive accommodation for people with a disability in regional areas.

The Queensland Government’s three-year $15 million Elderly Parent Carer Innovation Trial (EPCIT) project is designed to address the accommodation needs of people with a disability, once their elderly parent carers are no longer able to support them at home.

Mr Barbagallo said the ageing of people with a disability and the ageing of parent carers is probably the number one challenge in the disability sector in Australia.

He said the EPCIT grants program would play a part in alleviating this problem for a number of families. As part of the program, Endeavour Foundation has been awarded a $993,250 grant to build a number of units in an integrated complex where people with a disability and other community members will live side by side, in Bundaberg.

“The project will provide greater certainty about the future for people with a disability who live with ageing parent carers,” Mr Barbagallo said.

“By supporting the notion of mixed used dwellings and other innovative projects, the Queensland Government is intentionally paving the way for new disability accommodation that will be financially sustainable well into the future,” he said.

“We know that choice, control and independence will be hallmarks of DisabilityCare Australia, so it’s important that community groups in Queensland are able to move into more inclusive and innovative means of supporting people with a disability. These projects are great examples of what we hope the future will hold for people with a disability,” Mr Barbagallo said.

Executive General Manager of Disability and Community Services Gail Davidson said the Bundaberg project provided socially inclusive accommodation and opened up opportunities for greater integration and genuine community involvement for people with a disability.

“The innovative “spare room” concept will create a supportive space for people with a disability to increase their level of independence and confidence, easing the transition away from home. It can also be used as a sleep over space for times when people with a disability living in the units require additional, non-intrusive support,” Ms Davidson said.

Construction work is expected to begin in 2014.

Endeavour Foundation is an independent not-for-profit organisation supporting people with a disability in more than 3,700 placements throughout Qld and in Sydney, including accommodation, education, training, vocational and lifestyle opportunities.

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