Home Hill supported employees are driven to success

Three very driven supported employees at Endeavour Foundation Industries (EFI) Home Hill are celebrating passing their learner driving tests.

Kirsty, Mark and Colin couldn’t wait to get behind the wheel and jumped at the chance when their EFI Training and Development Officer, Maree, suggested doing a learn-to-drive course.

“We like to bring these sorts of opportunities to our supported employees’ attention, so they know what’s out there,” Maree said.

Kirsty, Mark and Colin took up the challenge and after three days of class they walked away as learner drivers.

“I’m so excited,” said Kirsty.

“I’ve been waiting all my life to drive.”

Within days of the course all three booked driving lessons to practice what they had learnt.

Kirsty is enjoying being able to drive to the beach, while Colin is relishing in the fact he now doesn’t have to cycle everywhere.

And for Mark, he’s simply enjoying the freedom the permit has given him.

“It gives me independence – I don’t have to wait for anyone to pick me up,” he said.

The permit has certainly put a smile on Mark’s face but he may need to put in a few more hours at the EFI Home Hill site before he can buy his dream car: “A Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porche or BMW”.

The EFI – the CW Taylor Farm at Home Hill – has also offered a numeracy and literacy course through TAFE.

Endeavour Foundation Industries is the organisation’s commercial arm that provides employment opportunities for people with a disability.

The Home Hill site provides employment opportunities for 14 people with a disability.

All EFI profits go toward supporting people with a disability.