Fundraising to support people with a disability in Sydney is getting harder

Endeavour Foundation is hoping that its first major event in Sydney will draw attention to the importance of supporting people with a disability at a time when finance is in short supply.

The 2011 Rosehill Gardens Winter Cup Race Day with Endeavour Foundation on Saturday 18th June is one of the biggest and most prestigious events in the charity’s 60th anniversary year.

It is being held just four days after Endeavour Foundation’s official birthday on June 14th.

As one of Australia’s largest not-for-profit service-providers for people with a disability, Endeavour Foundation relies heavily on fund-raising and donations, but this day of racing at one of Australia’s iconic venues is also about making sure that Sydneysiders know the charity is here to stay.

Endeavour Foundation has been a part of the Sydney charities landscape for two years, supporting more than 450 people with a disability in the area, but donations are slowing and funds are becoming harder to win.

Endeavour Foundation’s CEO, David Barbagallo, says it’s important people realise that the not-for-profit organisation needs huge continuing support.

"Our 60th anniversary comes at a time when everyone is fighting for donations, and people’s finances are getting tighter," he said.

"Every day, Endeavour Foundation is trying to support thousands of people with a disability. It’s tough out there, and the floods that we’ve had over most of Queensland, and the cyclones up in North Queensland, have made it even tougher for people.

"But should we be relying on donations and hand-outs? No of course not. We need a National Disability Insurance Scheme, we need proper funding from the government for all people with a disability, and we need our clients to be included in the everyday life of the community that most of us take for granted."

David Barbagallo says that Endeavour Foundation is in Sydney to stay because there is much work to do.

"We’ve expanded into Sydney because there are people with a disability who we don’t believe are being adequately supported, and our employment services through Endeavour Foundation Industries are helping to improve their lives.

"When someone has a job they improve their self esteem, their health and their finances. You can understand why we are so keen to assist people with a disability to obtain meaningful employment.

"We need more people to care, we need more people to put their hands in their pocket and support us, and we need more people to see what we can already see – that people with a disability are the same as you and me and deserve to be treated no differently."

Endeavour Foundation expanded into the area in 2009 and saved around 500 jobs by acquiring three Cumberland Industries services after Cumberland had gone into receivership. The Endeavour Foundation Industries are at Seven Hills (also known as Clean-Pac Services), Mt Druitt (also known as Filpac Services) and Castle Hill (also known as Sew-It-Rite and Pak-It-Rite). These provide supported employment and specialised training to almost 500 people with a disability.

Endeavour Foundation opened its first Sydney-based Endeavour Recycled Clothing store in Penrith in 2010, and there are plans to open more.

Endeavour Foundation’s first disability service in Sydney was opened this year, with more planned in the next few years.

As for the race day itself, the first race is at 12.00pm, and the last at 4.14pm.

People can purchase tickets for a hospitality cocktail function in the Marscay Room, and there is a silent auction, raffle and lucky door prizes.

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