Free Expo and community day in Atherton to raise awareness of disability issues

A pioneering Parent/Carer Expo and community day will be held in Atherton next week, to link carers of people with a disability to information about planning for the future of their loved one with a disability.

The free expo, the first of its kind, will not only be an informative event for families of people with a disability but will be a fun community event for all to enjoy, finishing with a free all-ages concert headlined by renowned Melbourne band Rudely Interrupted, which consists of people with a disability.

Hosted by Endeavour Foundation's Older Parent/Carer Project (OPC) in partnership with Tableland Respite Care Association, the Expo will be held next Friday, 12 November.

The focus of the Expo is to provide families with a relaxed forum in gathering information they may need to plan the future care of their son or daughter with a disability.

An opportunity not to be missed, there will be over 30 stalls from service providers, government agencies and businesses in far north Queensland, supplying free information and interactive presentations regarding support options, care services and planning for the future of people with a disability.

The Expo also aims to raise the awareness of disability in the community.

The public is encouraged to come along and enjoy a great community day, including a free concert headlined by one of Australia‟s most celebrated bands, Rudely Interrupted.

The band has toured the world and recently returned to Australia from a successful US and Canada tour, to support their new debut album Tragedy Of The Commons.

Rudely Interrupted receive airplay across the world, and in Australia alone are played on more than 30 stations, including Triple J.

They've also starred in a critically acclaimed documentary and have appeared on TV shows including Spicks n Specks and Rage.

They've been secured for next week's event thanks to a grant from the Regional Arts Development Fund. Five of the band's six members have a disability, such as visual impairment, hearing impairment, autism and Down Syndrome.

The band will run a free music workshop at next week's Expo before their performance.

North Queensland indie acoustic singer Carinda Christie will MC during the concert, which will also feature Sing Australia and several local artists.

Project Officer for Endeavour's Older Parent/Carer Project Michelle Whittingham said she had no doubt residents from not just Atherton but Cairns, Innisfail and surrounding areas will throw their support behind the event, and said she hoped families of people with a disability would realise how helpful the Expo will be.

“We are hoping this will be the first of many events of its kind, in supporting families in the information-gathering process and show them that it‟s never too early to start planning,” she said.

“We‟re aiming to bring families together in developing their own support networks.

“It‟s also important to raise awareness of disability in the general community, which is why we‟re excited to have the live music and food stalls, so we can have a party-like atmosphere after the day‟s formalities, for everyone to come together and have a good time.”


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