Endeavour Foundation opens doors to a brighter future

Endeavour Foundation CEO David Barbagallo and local Member of Queensland Parliament Anne Maddern will today open the doors of three new houses offering more independence and choice for people with a disability in Maryborough.
Mr Barbagallo said that while the organisation had very old historical ties on the Fraser Coast, it was essential to ensure up-to-date services and choices were available for people with a disability in the region.
“Today I’m proud to return to this vibrant regional city – where we still enjoy wonderful local support after five decades – and officially open three modern four-bedroom houses for people with a disability,” Mr Barbagallo said.
Mr Barbagallo said the three new houses would accommodate ten people with a disability, allowing Endeavour Foundation to ensure all accommodation services in Maryborough have four tenants or less. Additional bedrooms will be used to accommodate support staff.
“We can’t overstate how important this is: our experience has shown us that by providing homes with fewer occupants we are able to offer a better lifestyle, more independence and greater flexibility for people with a disability,” Mr Barbagallo said.
Endeavour Foundation Board Member David de Villiers described the three homes as spacious and universally accessible, with a quiet and leafy outlook.
“With a smaller number of people living in each house, there will be a more relaxed living environment and more opportunity for each person to make choices in keeping with their personal preferences,” Mr de Villiers said.