Endeavour Foundation Industries in Townsville helps Telstra to assist tower workers

Endeavour Foundation Industries in Townsville and Telstra have worked in partnership to produce a remarkable piece of equipment which improves the readings on hand-held personal monitoring devices.

When workers on Telstra’s telecommunication towers realised that there was an inconsistency in the readings they take to measure their exposure to electromagnetic energy, it was traced back to the design of the handle.

The issue arose when workers were climbing high frequency towers and holding the monitoring devices in their hand which caused the distorted figures.

The readings did not have any health and safety implications but were causing delays in the way that the team operated.

Telstra’s Network Construction specialist, John Parker, designed a new extension handle as a solution, developed a prototype and Endeavour Foundation was approached to produce a batch of 57 units of an extension handle for use throughout Queensland.

Endeavour Foundation’s supported employees at the business site worked on the manufacturing of the device and it’s proved to be a great success.

The finished item works perfectly and will serve Telstra’s Network Construction radio frequency workers into the future and will eliminate the potential for inconsistent readings.

Endeavour Foundation Industries Manager in Townsville, Cath Barlow, is delighted with the job done by her team and also the relationship with Telstra.

“This was a great opportunity for us,” said Cathy.

“Our supported employees rose to the challenge superbly and we’re pleased with how it went.

“Who knows where this will take us in our future partnership with Telstra and other business?”

So successful has the device been, in fact, that there have already been requests for a quote for 34 handles for New South Wales.


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