Dream becomes reality thanks to Endeavour and local business

Leonard Hitchings had a dream of flying in a helicopter and thanks to Heleservices Queensland, his dream became reality.

Leonard attends Endeavour’s Learning and Lifestyle programme to develop his independence and confidence and has been working with staff to achieve his goals.

Endeavour approached Heleservices Queensland, who generously agreed to take Leonard and his support worker Danika Hofmann on a joy flight - totally free of charge.

“We are extremely grateful to Duncan Sutherland and Helservices Queensland for their generosity, it’s something Leonard wouldn’t have been able to achieve without their kind donation,” said Danika.

For army-buff Leonard, it was the realisation of a long held dream and an adrenaline-packed thrill.

“Leonard has complex communication needs – but it was very apparent during the flight that he was thoroughly enjoying himself.

“He excitedly pointed out places he recognised like the river, the new bridge being built and the army barracks,” said Danika.

For Duncan Sutherland it was about giving back to his community and making sure people with disabilities get the same opportunities as everyone else.

“Leonard is a made keen helicopter fan and everyone should have the opportunity to achieve their goals,” said Duncan.

The Learning and Lifestyle programme supports people with a disability, like Leonard, to develop skills that help in developing day to day skills that many take for granted like money handling and grocery shopping.

Endeavour provides support, accommodation, training and vocational opportunities for more than 3,400 people with a disability across Queensland and in Sydney to help them lead an ordinary life.

Endeavour would like to extend a special thank you to Eddie Edgyed, who initiated contact with Heleservices Queensland.


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