Disability services join forces for the future

29 November 2013


Disability service providers Endeavour Foundation and VATMI will merge, to secure ongoing employment opportunities for people with a disability and prepare for the NDIS.

Endeavour Foundation CEO David Barbagallo said it made good sense for the respected Queensland and New South Wales-based charity to amalgamate with Victoria’s leading disability employment provider, VATMI.

“Endeavour Foundation and VATMI share a long-term commitment to meaningful employment options for people with a disability and this decision will help us to safeguard those jobs in the changing times ahead,” he said.

“Together we can ensure people with a disability have access to the training, skills development opportunities, self-esteem and confidence that come from having a real job with real outcomes.

“This merger will also allow us to create new opportunities for growth, innovation and diversification as one organisation under the banner of Endeavour Foundation.

“We share a belief that people with a disability are entitled to choice, control and independence in everyday life and we look forward to seeing this become a reality under the NDIS,” Mr Barbagallo said.

VATMI Chief Executive Greg Wasmund said he was very pleased to have been able to underwrite the future of its Victorian services in a landscape that will undergo significant change and challenges over the coming years.

“The merger will create opportunities for all of our employees in a much larger, nationally recognised organisation,” Mr Wasmund said.

Mr Barbagallo said the organisation will continue to provide the same services for people with a disability, and in the same locations.

“Many Australian Disability Enterprises are struggling to stay afloat as more packaging and manufacturing work is sent off-shore, but we will keep working hard to ensure we are commercially viable and maintain good employment outcomes.

“Now we can offer quality packaging services from Cairns to Melbourne, so companies with an east coast footprint will also benefit from this decision – and they’ll be providing opportunities for people with a disability at the same time,” he said.

By the numbers:

Endeavour Foundation will provide employment and training for 2,110 people with a disability at Australian Disability Enterprises in 29 locations.

Products and Services:

pharmaceutical packaging
food packaging
general packaging
light manufacturing
confidential document destruction
industrial sewing
mailing and collating
timber manufacturing
safety gear
industrial cleaning cloths
fresh chrysanthemums
greeting cards
wall art

About VATMI:

VATMI began providing mental health therapy and rehabilitation in 1958, but now offers individualised supported employment and training for 260 people with a disability in Melbourne (Kew and Keon Park), Bendigo and Wangaratta.