Comedian Elisha happy to laugh at herself

Elisha Brinnand is one of Brisbane’s brightest comedy talents who works hard at working hard with five regular part-time jobs – and she still finds the time to laugh at herself.

The 21 year-old from the quiet bay-side area of Lota works as a waitress, a bartender, in administration and promotions, and helps with high school debating, but performing is where he heart is, and she’s getting ready for one of her biggest gigs – Endeavour Foundation’s free Big Community Day Out at the Cultural Forecourt on Brisbane’s South Bank on May 15th.

“There may be thousands there but it’s less daunting standing up in front of strangers trying to make them laugh than in front your family and people you know because you can be who you really want to be on stage,’ she said.

“I like to laugh at myself, all of the jobs that I do, what people expect of me, everything around me.

“I did drama when I was younger and I’ve always tried to make my family laugh, it was all part of being the youngest.”

Elisha graduated as a journalist last year and uses her generation as a comedy gold mine to build her growing reputation as a comedian

“I don’t understand a lot of what Gen Y is all about!” she said

“Why is everyone obsessed by the internet, laptops, and the music – most of it is rubbish!

“I can’t afford to keep up with it all, but do we actually need it?

“I’ve always looked for the comedy angle whenever we’re out in a group, subconsciously the comedy of life is always in there and I like to find the funny side of what’s around us.”

Performing at Endeavour Foundation’s Big Community Day Out is important to Elisha as a devotee of the Brisbane scene.

“I love to get involved in the community and I love Brisbane.

“The Brisbane comedian, Melinda Buttle, is a hero of mine, but I want to work at performing throughout the Australian community scene and maybe head overseas.”

Note: Elisha can be contacted via Endeavour Foundation and is available for photo and media opportunities.

Endeavour Foundation is one of Australia’s largest service providers for people with a disability.

Endeavour Foundation supports more than 3,350 people with a disability from more than 230 locations throughout Queensland and New South Wales.

The Big Community Day Out on May 15th at the Cultural Forecourt on Brisbane’s South Bank runs 10am to 4pm and is completely FREE.

It is part of Endeavour Foundation’s 60th anniversary celebrations and is a ‘thank you’ to the community for sixty years of fantastic support.


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