Catlin donation opens doors for Latch-On® students

28 October 2013

A generous donation of almost $30,000 by Catlin Australia is changing the lives of students attending Endeavour Foundation’s Latch-On® program in Castle Hill.

The donation funded the purchase of 10 iPads for Latch-On®, which is a tertiary education program for young adults with an intellectual disability. Latch-On® supports students to develop their literacy and technology skills and build their confidence and employment opportunities. Students also have the opportunity to work towards a Certificate II in Literacy and Technology.

On Wednesday 23 October, Endeavour Foundation staff and students held a morning tea at Latch-On® Castle Hill to acknowledge Catlin’s support.

Literacy and Learning Coordinator Alicia Duarte said the new iPads funded by Catlin’s donation would offer students enhanced learning opportunities.

“Education is becoming more and more exciting as a result of technology – it’s the way of the future,” she said. “The use of iPads as a teaching tool increases student engagement, participation and achievements. The possibilities are endless.”

Ms Duarte said students were already reaping the benefits of the new technology: “The iPads are user-friendly and students are using their intuition and assisting each other to learn.”

Catlin has also funded the provision of nutrition and fitness training for Latch-On® students, who are using iPad apps to track their progress and make healthy food and lifestyle choices.

“The students wanted to learn how to better themselves through lifestyle and fitness changes – so they will use the iPads to assist them in reaching these goals,” said Ms Duarte. “They will use a nutrition app to determine if they are making healthy food choices and to better understand what factors are associated with overall wellbeing.”

David McNamara, Marketing Executive at Catlin Australia, said the organisation was proud to support the program. “The Latch-On® program does so much to educate people with an intellectual disability by providing them with the necessary life skills to gain some independence and become an integral part of the community,” he said. “Catlin is so proud to be supporting such a worthy cause.”

Latch-On® is developed and coordinated in conjunction with The University of Queensland and is available exclusively through Endeavour Foundation in Sydney, Brisbane, Bundaberg and Townsville. Students attend for two days a week for the two-year program, with an optional third year available.