Banging the drum for people with a disability

Banging a drum in front of a potential audience of thousands on a Sunday morning may not be to everyone's taste but, for some members of the Access Arts Drumming Group, the big day can't come quick enough.

The group is made up of people with a disability and they will be performing live on stage at Endeavour Foundation’s Big Community Day Out at the Cultural Forecourt on Brisbane’s South Bank on Sunday 15th May.

The drummers are part of Dutton Park-based Access Arts Inc which is an arts-based organisation primarily for people with a disability, and its Administrator, Joelene Rusling, says the excitement is growing.

“The drummers will jump at this chance as many of them love being in front of an audience,” she said.

“Some of our group are real performers, just love being on stage, and they really enjoy performing to a crowd.”

They are becoming seasoned showbiz stars having played at the QUT Disability Awareness Day, the Access Arts Community Showcase, the SWARA Spring Fair (SWARA – Sunshine Welfare And Remedial Association), and they have just performed at the Caxton St Seafood and Wine Festival.

Nicole Perry is the group's facilitator and knows a thing or two about playing live having supported Jamiroquai with her band, Zephyr Timbre, on a tour of Australia in 2003.

“You have to watch the Access Arts Drumming Group and feel part of the performance to understand the magic as they bring everyone together for an in-the-moment experience,” she said.

“When this group comes together everything else is left behind, the energy can be quite explosive, and I get huge benefits from it.

“The beauty of what we do is someone can come in and might be a little shy but, as soon as they start drumming, that shyness goes and they're part of this wonderful thing.

“You know, I just love it!”

Nicole will be playing a major role at the Big Community Day Out as Access Arts Drumming Group facilitator and stage manager for the whole event.

Endeavour Foundation's Big Community Day Out is part of its 60th anniversary celebrations and is a huge 'thank you' to the community for sixty years of support. It is a free event on Sunday 15th May 10am – 4pm Cultural Forecourt, South Bank.

Endeavour Foundation supports more than 3,350 people with a disability from more than 230 locations throughout Queensland and New South Wales.


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