Artists showcase their craft alongside Dutch master in Bundaberg exhibition

An arts and crafts exhibition will be held in Bundaberg later this month which will showcase the talents of a remarkable group of local artists.

Clients of the Endeavour Foundation Learning and Lifestyle Service in Nixon Street have been creating works of art alongside a Dutch-born artist and this is their first show.

Such is their skill that one of the group has even sold a painting which now hangs in the cultural hotbed of France.

The artist, Ross Eastment, has also sold a picture to a visitor from Melbourne and is proud to be taking part and showing his art.

“I love doing it and I'm excited about the exhibition and about painting while people watch me,” he said.

“I've been painting for 25-years and it makes me happy.”

“William teaches me and he's the best.”

'William'  is 75 year-old artist William Melchers, originally from Nijmegen in The Netherlands but who has lived for the last 47-years in Australia.

The Dutch master teaches the class once a week and it's an important part of his artistic outlook.

“My top priority is that these guys have a good time and we show what they can achieve,” he said.

“If I can help to broaden their outlook and horizons, that's fantastic.”

“It's a satisfying, challenging, wonderful experience and I love it.”

William has no intention of stopping any time soon.

“The smallest step forward with these guys is just magic and I hope to keep going into my 80's.”

The exhibition at Bundaberg School of Art, 190 Bourbong Street is held March 26th – April 4th.

The Post School Service in Bundaberg will also display their work in the exhibition and many items will be for sale including a recipe book, cards, wooden jigsaw puzzles and, of course, paintings.

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