A welcome first step - but it is not the NDIS

NDIS Queensland Campaign Chairman and Endeavour Foundation CEO David Barbagallo has acknowledged news that the Queensland Government will offer 1,300 people with a disability more control over their funding allocations.
“This is a great first step, firstly because it will be part of the way the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) will operate,” Mr Barbagallo said.
“Secondly, it shows that the Minister has listened to the concerns of people with a disability and carers, who want more say over how their funding is spent,” he said.
“However, as carers age, many families are concerned about what will happen to their family member with a disability. It remains difficult for them to gauge how the NDIS will impact them without the benefit of a trial, or without any commitment to additional funding.
“Carers and people with a disability already face a chronic shortage of funding for their basic needs.
“One of my other concerns is that this cannot take the place of a legitimate NDIS trial and will not give Queenslanders the opportunity to influence the formation of the NDIS.
“But on the positive side we know the Minister is working within the constraints she has, using the limited funds already available to make the system work better for people with a disability and carers,” Mr Barbagallo said.
He still hopes to see Queensland join the NDIS.
“In addition to control over how their support funding is allocated, Queenslanders with a disability would be assessed under a national scheme on the basis of need, not the current lottery system,” Mr Barbagallo said.
“Queenslanders with a disability would no longer miss out on support or funding because of where they live, but would have access to the same fair and adequate funding as other Australians,” he said.

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