A Partnership for Life

Endeavour Foundation and The University of Queensland have formalised their decades-long partnership with an agreement which will lead to even greater collaboration and better outcomes for people with a disability.

The formal signing of a Memorandum of Understanding ensures that the collaboration between the two venerable organisations is cemented for the future. This will improve the education prospects for people with a disability, combine resources for research and explore new avenues of opportunity.
The two organisations have worked together on many projects including the Latch-On® literacy and technology program for young adults which was developed by UQ’s School of Education and is available exclusively through Endeavour Foundation.
The Student Doctors as Health Advocates Project provides opportunities for second year students studying at The University of Queensland to meet people with higher support needs, collate their medical history and act as their advocate when seeing their local GP.

Endeavour Foundation and the Queensland Centre for Intellectual and Developmental Disability, part of UQ’s School of Medicine, work together to develop care and research. This is most evident in the Comprehensive Health Assessment Program.
The link between Endeavour Foundation and The University of Queensland goes back to the formation of the disability service provider in 1951. Sir Fred Schonell, UQ’s Professor of Education, was Endeavour Foundation’s first president and he held the post until 1967.
More recently Endeavour Foundation’s Chairman, Grant Murdoch, is on the UQ Senate.


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