4 important changes to NDIS price guide and what it means for you

The NDIS price guide is a tricky document to wrap your head around at the best of times and a number of recent changes have made that even trickier!

What kind of support will I get in Supported Independent Living?

Living more independently is an exciting prospect, but you’re probably wondering exactly what kind of help and support you’ll get from the NDIS to help you to live as independently as possible in Supported Independent Living (SIL).

Who you should have on your NDIS team

For most people on the NDIS, you will most likely have a team of people to support you to live a more independent life. But if you’re new to the scheme, then welcome. When it comes to the NDIS, it’s important to know that you’re not alone!

Bringing ‘Joy’ through art, meet Wurundjeri artist Mya

Creativity and art can be one of the most fulfilling pursuits in life, providing an avenue for self-expression, creative fulfilment, and enjoyment.

What happens to my NDIS plan when I turn 65?

Approaching 65 and wondering what happens to your NDIS funding? While we would love to be able to give a simple and easy answer to this, like many things with the NDIS the answer is as complicated as it is individualised.

How to speak NDIS: 25 common phrases you need to know

Sometimes the NDIS can feel like another language – so we’ve decided to treat it like one!

Here’s a guide to help get you fluent in NDIS in no time.