The simplest NDIS timeline you’ll find

We designed a timeline to help you find out what you can expect from the NDIS and when you can expect it.

It should be noted that your NDIS journey is an individual one, so this resource should be treated as more of a guide, not gospel.

You may be sent a letter from the NDIA.

This letter will let you know that you are on their system and the rollout will be in your area in the future.

Generally, the people who receive this letter are the people who already receive disability funding.

The letter will be addressed to you or your guardian. If you don’t get a letter, but think you might be eligible for the NDIS, it’s best to give them a call on 1800 800 110.

If you are not currently receiving disability support you will need to apply to be a participant in the NDIS. Click here to find out about eligibility, and here for more information on how to apply.

The NDIA might call you to check your eligibility.

The NDIA is getting information from all different government departments, so it is quite likely that they will need to clarify a few things, and it really is just a few.

If they call to check your eligibility, the call will take around 15 – 20 minutes and they will check off some details.

In this call they might ask for some additional information.

It’s worth noting that this is not your main planning meeting.

The NDIA will call you to book in a planning meeting

Around the rollout date, people will start to have planning meetings. The NDIA will give you a call to book this in. Most planning meetings are now face to face, but you can request a phone meeting if you think that would suit you better.

They will also send out some questionnaires.

Rollout does not happen overnight, so you might need to wait a little while to get your call. Usually it takes a few months for everyone in your area to get their planning meetings done and dusted.

That said, sometimes meeting are held up to three months before actual roll out to ensure all participants have plans within six months of rollout in an area.

If you are eligible for the NDIS and haven’t received a call four months after rollout, it might be best to give the NDIA a call.

You’ll have your planning meeting

The planning meeting is where the Planner will gather information about you. They will ask a lot of questions (and we mean a lot!). These meetings can take a while.

It is important for you to tell the planner if you need a break or if you want to stop and finish on another day. This is OK to do.

The whole planning meeting is about you and your needs. We’ve got some great resources to help you get ready for this process, which you can find on the NDIS section of our website.

You will get your NDIS plan

Hooray! You’ve got an NDIS plan! You’ve probably also got a lot of questions. Now is the time to read our blog: “I’ve got an NDIS plan, now what?”

It is important that you tell your current provider that you have a plan. You don’t have to show them your plan, but you do need to tell them that you have one. This is so they can work with you in planning your new support requirements.

Common questions:

When is rollout in my area?

Great question! You can have a look here.

What if the NDIA haven’t called?

The best thing you can do here is to give them a call on 1800 800 110 if you’re ever unsure. As with anything, people can fall through the cracks, so it’s always best to check if you think you might have been overlooked.

How does the NDIS decide the planning meeting order?

Honestly, no one knows! It tends to be quite random. Generally it’s people who are already receiving funding first, and people who are new to the scheme second.

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