Jessy gets work ready

Jessie gets work ready
06 December 2021

Determination is a powerful thing. Combine it with passion and hard work and you get someone like Jessy.

Jessy is well known at Toowoomba Business Solutions site for his care, compassion, and larrikinism, always having fun and willing to have a laugh with anyone.

Whether it’s assisting his peers on the production line, filing paperwork in the administration building, or supporting community activities, Jessy loves helping out where he can.

Recently, Jessy has been putting in the hard yards to prepare for open employment with Endeavour Foundation’s Get Work Ready program.

“I’m doing the Get Work Ready program because I want to be a support worker to help people with disability.”

“I am passionate (about) helping people with disabilities, and help them achieve their goals, and be treated like everyone else.”

“By getting a job with support from this program, I want to show everyone that people with disability can do anything that they put their mind to.”

Jessy is so keen to start putting his new skills to use, he’s already started assisting at the local Learning and Lifestyle hub.

“I want to work at the Learning and Lifestyle Hub and run the gardening program.”

“I’ve started helping Remi and Dave with activities. It helps me understand what skills I need to also be a support worker like them.”

Service Design and Implementation Partner, Brent Suhr said the program is designed to equip young adults with intellectual disability with the skills they need to become ready for the workplace.

“We want to help young people with intellectual disability develop work-ready skills such as goal setting, working effectively with others, building and maintaining relationships, and numeracy and literacy."

“The program is delivered with a really collaborative approach. We provide coaching and support to help participants make choices about when and if they’re ready for work, build confidence, and choose what kinds of work they’d like to do by offering practical, hands-on experience.”

A step into employment

It’s not always a straight path from school to work. Finishing school and transitioning into the ‘real world’ can be exciting yet intimidating experience for anyone, but formany people with disability, this step can feel even harder.

Brent says the program is a great opportunity for people with disability to get guidance and develop skills for their chosen employment pathway.

“We know employment can be a key stepping-stone on the way to building independence and personal growth,” he said.

For Jessy, there are many parallels between starting the Get Work Ready program and starting a new job.

“Doing this program, I have made new friends, learned new skills, and revisited computer skills I learned during high school,” he said.

Get Work Ready launched in Toowoomba in July 2021, and offers participants practical skill-building, social connection and personal development in a safe, engaging, and supported environment.

The program offers five core courses covering basic competencies and experience in administration, logistics and warehousing, packaging and manufacturing, retail/customer service and technology.

Enrolments for 2022 are now open and will be offered in Toowoomba as well as three new locations - Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast. Imagine What’s

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