Fly into July

30 June 2020

Endeavour Foundation is a charity partner of Fly into July, a month-long step challenge, designed to inspire everyone towards an active and healthy lifestyle.

This event presents an excellent opportunity for staff, supporters, and customers to improve their physical health and their mental wellbeing each and every day, at a pace that suits them. The added bonus is that participants will also be acting as fundraisers for our services, with a particular focus on the Thrive Hub, enabling us as an organisation to do more for our community.

To become a participant

Visit Fly into July to create a supporter page and set up your fitness tracking.

Once you're set up there, you need to also officially register for the main Fly into July event, either via the above link or one that will be provided to you in an email direct from the Fundraising team when you set up your supporter page.

The challenge is open to people of all abilities and you participate as both an individual and in a team. You'll be supported every step of the way by your teammates and new friends to meet your own health and fitness goals.

Contact us to find out how we can support you


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