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Guest blogger Alex says it's a good life for those who refuse to be defined by Autism.

Debbie Brooks from Port Stephens, NSW, is mum to Peter Pattison, 27, and also cares for another person with a disability in a Host Care situation.She explains how the planning process has been for her so far.

Respite is an area we’ve found has been confusing for some people transitioning to the NDIS. Here we explain the facts. 

Imagine for a moment how it would feel to be unable to communicate, "I am scared", “I am hungry” or "I love you”.  We all have a need to communicate and be understood by others.

Stewart Koplick shares the lastest strides in innovative learning with the use of virtual reality.
Two Mums from Newcastle put their heads together to come up with a solution to enable their adults sons to live independently.
Guest blogger Carol McLeay from Townsville tells why she volunteers for Endeavour Foundation.
My name is Jade Govett and for my 36th birthday I was lucky enough to make one of my dreams come true by attending the Melbourne Cup.

Dean is a young man aged 22. He has autism, a moderate intellectual disability and post-traumatic stress disorder. Dean has demonstrated challenging behaviours for most of his life, sometimes resulting in a risk of harm to others.

Working with people with disabilities to do the things they love!
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