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For Disability Action Week the KingStones were surprised with a day in the life of a rock-star!

You’re probably wanting to start receiving supports straight away. Unfortunately this doesn’t happen automatically, but it’s an easy process from here.

Lucas is a Supported Employee at Endeavour Foundation Business Solutions Wacol in Queensland. In this blog, he offers his tips on how to handle two very different life situations.

I think the best thing that anyone has been saying to me is that they love me, for who I am and they want to know more about me as well.

Like the first time around, your plan review will involve a meeting, but what you should do to prepare for this meeting is going to look a little different. Don’t worry though – we’ve got your back.
Some of our customers came to check out Virtual Reality Learning. Here's what they thought.

In NDIS land, goals are a really big deal.

They are essentially how the NDIA work out what’s important to you, and gives them an idea of how they can best help you.

We talk to plenty of people after they’ve met with their NDIS Planner, and here are some common things people regret not saying or bringing with them.
Congratulations on reaching the milestone of becoming an NDIS participant. To support you on these next few steps in your journey consider this list.

We’ve got the scoop from those who have had their NDIS planning meeting. Here’s a list of the most common things people say they wish they knew before they went in.

Many people have been voicing their concern at applying to what feels like a big-city NDIS scheme to life in the country. 
We take a look at some of the apps that have been designed especially for people with disabilities

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