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Dainie Richardson has dedicated her career to the disability sector. Having a relative with an acquired brain injury, she was inspired to make a difference in the sector.

We’ve compiled a list of questions that, in our experience, could be useful for you to discuss with your planner at your meeting.

Ann and her son Zac went through the NDIS process and have some great tips for others who are preparing to do the same.

Guardianship is a big step and involves legal decision-making for another person in the areas of health, access to services and other life choices. This article explores whether guardianship is right for you.

Housing is most definitely not one-size-fits-all for people with a disability and their families, however the NDIS certainly brings incredible opportunities to live more independently and in ways that were not previously an option. We look at the options.

Chris Taylor from Toowoomba is stepdad to Jayden, 6, with a disability. Chris is the Site Manager at Endeavour Foundation’s Toowoomba Business Service. Here he shares his family’s experience to date with the NDIS.

Many parents tell us that one of the major things that keep them up worrying at night is what will happen to their son or daughter with a disability after they are gone.

As the NDIS rolls out we have paved the way to a smoother transition for our customers with the recruitment of our Customer Engagement Officers.

Judy James says that including Support Coordination in her twin nieces’ NDIS packages was, in her mind, ‘essential’.

As you are familiarising yourself with NDIS language, you might start to hear the term ‘support coordination’ and want to know what it is.

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