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Many parents tell us that one of the major things that keep them up worrying at night is what will happen to their son or daughter with a disability after they are gone.

As the NDIS rolls out we have paved the way to a smoother transition for our customers with the recruitment of our Customer Engagement Officers.

Judy James says that including Support Coordination in her twin nieces’ NDIS packages was, in her mind, ‘essential’.

As you are familiarising yourself with NDIS language, you might start to hear the term ‘support coordination’ and want to know what it is.

Have you ever considered how to increase the independence of your loved one?  Increased independence provides a greater sense of wellbeing and choice, as well as lightening the load for carers. Here are some tips to start. 

Up to 80% of young people with a disability have been taken advantage of by a 'friend'. We've produced an Easy Read guide for people with an intellectual disability covering mate crime - what it is and how it can be prevented.

International Day of People with Disability (Saturday 3 December) reminds us of the benefits of bringing down barriers that stop people with a disability from being included fully in everyday community life.

Endeavour Foundation backs the strong stance taken by the Senate Community Affairs Reference Committee Report on the Indefinite Detention of People with Cognitive and Psychiatric Impairment in Australia.

Susan Cooke from Townsville is mum to two adult children with a disability, Evan and Katrina. Here she shares her experiences with the NDIS to date.

How does transport wonder under the NDIS? What options are available? We answer your questions here.
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