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Many people have been voicing their concern at applying to what feels like a big-city NDIS scheme to life in the country. 

 We take a look at some of the apps that have been designed especially for people with disabilities. 

We talk to plenty of people after they’ve met with their NDIS Planner, and here are some common things people regret not saying or bringing with them.

Here are some steps you can follow to increase your chances of a great outcome. 
Find out what it's like for a teenage girl to transition from high school and beyond and what keeps her spark so bright. 
Brandon is here to help you understand the NDIS. Here is video one of eight.

Troy said he always wanted to Skydive for his 30th, but did he?

We designed a timeline to help you find out what you can expect from the NDIS and when you can expect it.

How does transport wonder under the NDIS? What options are available? We answer your questions here.
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