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We believe that everyone has the right to learn and develop through access to learning; our experience has taught us that this works best when it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

That’s why we offer a range of options to provide learning and development opportunities that enable you to use your skills and strengths.

We put you at the centre of all our learning programs, which means your wants and needs determine the things you’ll learn.

Together we co-design your program, to ensure that it fits your interests as well as what you’d like to achieve.

We can help you:

  • Increase your independence by focusing on practical living skills to build confidence and self-esteem
  • Develop a learning or career plan that allows you to achieve your aspirations
  • Build your knowledge or qualifications for meaningful employment

Youth Transition Pathways

Our youth pathways program provides young people with a wide range of options in learning and employment.

This program provides you with one-on-one support with a youth transitions manager who will work with you to understand your career and community and help you navigate and access learning and employment opportunities. Read more

Continued Learning for Under 30s (CLUE)

CLUE is a two year program that utilises an internationally recognised educational framework to deliver curriculum based modules focusing on independent living skills and social skills including: literacy and communication, work readiness, health and physical activity and much more. Read more

Learning and Lifestyle

Our Learning and Lifestyle services use an individualised support model to enhance the independence, confidence, self-esteem, interaction skills and life choices of each person. A flexible and adaptable centre-based program where you're encouraged to identify and express your aspirations and access learning, recreation and social activities. Read more

Community Learning Hub

The Community Learning Hub short-courses are aligned to the Australian Core Skills Framework and are designed to provide an intensive program for people who wish to explore vocational options within their local community.

Work experience is central to the program. This allows you the opportunity to apply what you learn, create productive working relationships and community connections that may lead to further work experience and/or employment. Read more

Support for School Leavers

Take your pick from our support options designed to assist you to take your next steps after school. These can include our learning programs, sport, health and wellbeing programs, specialist behaviour support and supported independent living.


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