My Home, My Life

You have the right to a safe, secure and suitable home. We’re committed to building you the ideal one.

We’re the leaders in accessible housing

All Endeavour Foundation homes are built with inclusion, comfort and safety in mind. We change the home to fit the person – not the other way around. Along with physical modifications, we make sure you have everything you need to help you get ready, keep a routine, and follow your passions. With the latest assistive technology and safety features, and a room for your 24/7 support worker, you’ll flourish independently knowing help is close by when you need it.

We’ve made sure the homes we build offer the choice to socialise or spend time alone with ease. With large backyards, alfresco areas, and open plan living, you’ll have the freedom to choose.

Our four-year initiative

This initiative is a huge deal, both for us and Australians with disability in need of accessible housing.

The My Home, My Life initiative is the biggest investment in purpose-built accessible housing in our 70-year history. We’re investing $45 million to renovate and build more than 90 modern houses, townhouses, duplexes, and apartments across Queensland.

All Endeavour Foundation homes meet the Platinum level of the Liveable Housing Australia guidelines and go above and beyond legislation requirements for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA). There are three different styles to choose from to make sure your Endeavour Foundation home suits your taste. Plus, they’re close to shops, transport, and services to make engaging with your community easy.

We’ve already spent millions on new homes and we’re not slowing down. We know building your best home helps you build your best life.

“A good house is a safe house”

Ross is among 12 Bundaberg locals with disability who has moved into one of four brand-new fully accessible homes, thanks to our landmark My Home, My Life initiative.

“I’ve been wanting a patio for a long time now to do artwork and make things on.”

“A good house, is a safe one and not boring!” Ross said.

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