Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Supported Independent Living hands you the keys to independence. Live in a home you love while receiving the support you need.

Feel at home with Endeavour Foundation

Live the life you want in a home you love. As a leader in Supported Independent Living (SIL), we’ve helped hundreds of people turn their dreams of living independently into a reality. We provide SIL services across Queensland and we are expanding our SIL services to Western and Northwest Sydney and East and North East Melbourne. For more information, contact us.

Moving out of your family home is a big step for everyone, including your family. We’ll make the shift easier by creating that same comfortable feeling you’re used to.

Our caring and committed team are on hand to guide you through supported living, from helping you clean to giving you tips on making the delicious meals you love. You’ll also be able to take your things with you, such as your bed, and also decorate your bedroom with photos, posters and pot plants, to really make it home.

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Is Supported Independent Living the same as Supported Accommodation?

Since the introduction of the NDIS, we’ve transformed what was previously known as Supported Accommodation Service into a modern, fit-for-purpose service known as Supported Independent Living (SIL). Funded by the NDIS, SIL provides 24/7 support for people with disability who live together in shared homes. This enables people using SIL to open the door to greater self-reliance and more empowered living.

Our supported living services include:

  • daytime and sleepover shifts 24/7
  • choice on how to live your life and how your room looks
  • help with household tasks like cleaning and meals
  • access to activities that you like
  • support to travel to appointments
  • help with building relationships and social skills
  • support with staying connected with your family and friends
  • managing your medication
  • assisting you with personal care.


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Supported Independent Living

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We’re proud to be the leaders in accessible housing

Endeavour Foundation is committed to addressing the chronic shortfall in housing for people with disability. So, in our biggest move yet, we’re building 70 brand new, modern and accessible homes and renovating another 26 through the My Home My Life initiative. On track to provide another 600 Australians with purpose-built housing, the initiative is a dream come true for us thanks to a $45 million investment.

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