Council Transfer Stations

Endeavour Foundation provides Recycling Solutions to numerous metropolitan and regional Councils. Our Resource Recovery Centre and Transfer Station capabilities include:

  • Professional customer service and interaction with the public
  • Safe workplace operation and traffic management
  • High-calibre site presentation and upkeep
  • Increased resource recovery and diversion of waste from landfill
  • Value-add resource recovery, including separation of various metals
  • Operation of Tip Shops and Recycle Markets to sell reusable goods
  • Asset management and site maintenance
  • Collection and transport logistics
  • Gatehouse and Weighbridge operation
  • Stockpile management
  • Provision and operation of heavy equipment (eg. loaders, excavators, water trucks)
  • Mattress recycling

Performance commendations from Councils have revolved around the themes of waste diverted from landfill, professionalism, customer service and presentation. These partnerships also achieve bottom line outcomes including environmental, economic and local employment.

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