Industrial Cleaning Cloths


We manufacture ready-to-use industrial cleaning cloths at highly competitive prices.

Our industry-standard cleaning cloths are cut and processed locally, and made to individual or wholesale quantities. Thanks to our quality assurance processes, our cloths are guaranteed zip, button and metal free.

Available in 5kg and 10kg blocks weighed on trade certified scales. We can also produce larger volumes to your specific requirements.

Products Range

Mixed cotton

  • Variety of absorbent cotton grades.
  • Ideal for heavy engineering, mechanical and mining industry.

Coloured t-shirts

  • Light/medium weight coloured t-shirt fabric.
  • Soft and absorbent cleaning/polishing cloth.
  • Ideal for printers, automotive, mechanical, commercial and industrial.

White t-shirts

  • Light/medium weight white t-shirt fabric.
  • No dye run from thinners.
  • Soft and absorbent cleaning/polishing cloth.
  • Ideal for aviation and spray painters.

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