Honour Wall

Acknowledging exemplary service and steadfast commitment to making possibilities a reality.

We are extremely grateful to our honourees for their unwavering dedication to making possibilities a reality for people with disability. Their exemplary service, enduring commitment and steadfast support have been instrumental in advancing our advocacy efforts and championing the rights of people with disability.

Dr Paul Currie

BSc (Hons), PhD (Physics)

Inducted into Endeavour Foundation Honour Wall in February 2024.

Paul Currie has been a dedicated advocate and an exceptional contributor to Endeavour Foundation.

Elected to the Board in November 2014, Paul has played a pivotal role in serving our mission of making possibilities a reality for people with disability. His dedication saw him serve a second term on the Endeavour Foundation board, being elected again in December 2017.

His commitment extends beyond boardroom duties; Paul and his wife Judy have been longstanding volunteers in the Darling Downs region, embodying the spirit of activism that defines Endeavour Foundation.

Paul also served as the Chair of Endeavour Foundation’s National Council, was a member and chair of the South-West Area Committee, and a member of the Warwick Disability Support Group.

As a member of the Audit and Risk Committee, Paul has supported the financial integrity of the organisation, while his role on the Client Services Committee underscored his commitment to quality services tailored to the needs of people with disability.

Paul has been inducted to the Honour Wall in recognition of his exceptional service to Endeavour Foundation, to our governance, and to people living with a disability.

Sandra Beanham

BA Econ

Inducted into Endeavour Foundation Honour Wall in February 2024.

Sandra Beanham is a dedicated advocate and leader within Endeavour Foundation, passionately championing the rights and opportunities of people with disability.

Serving as the Deputy Chair of Endeavour Foundation’s National Council, and leading the Advocacy Advisory Committee for many years, Sandra actively embodies Endeavour Foundation’s values, always imagining a better future for people with disability.

Prior to VATMI’s merger with Endeavour Foundation, Sandra was a member of the VATMI Industry board, and later joined the Endeavour Foundation Victorian Area Committee, dedicating herself to advocating for meaningful employment opportunities for people with disability in Victoria and Australia.

With lived experience of caring for people with disability, Sandra possesses a deep understanding of their needs, desires, and potential, and is driven to see people included in all aspects of society.

Through her dedication and compassionate leadership, Sandra continues to make a lasting impact on Endeavour Foundation and on our community.

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