From mystery novels to teaching Auslan: Chloe’s fearless pursuit of her passions

At just 23 years old, Chloe has proven that age is no barrier to achieving your goals. She may be young, but Chloe is a woman who knows what she wants from life and isn’t afraid to make possibilities a reality.

Chloe attends the Alexandra Hills Learning and Lifestyle hub, and also works at the Endeavour Foundation Support Centre one day a week in the Finance team. Her manager, Monique, shares how her can-do attitude and bubbly personality keeps the team together.

“Chloe is a little pocket rocket. She comes in and she just makes everyone smile and keeps everyone on the same page,” Monique said.

Chloe supports the credit team with a variety of tasks, such as refund processing, scanning and Trade credit monitoring, but she isn’t afraid to jump in and help out with whatever needs doing.

“I think helping out the guys is what I like to do. I am a helpful person. It makes me feel really good,” said Chloe. “If I see something that needs doing, I will pitch in and do it. That makes me feel pretty happy.”

Through her employment, Chloe has not only developed valuable computer skills but has also discovered her true calling: to work in a library.

“My goal is to work two days a week, Thursday and Friday, to build skills to work in a book department, like a library. I am here to develop skills in computers so I know how to use computers in the library,” Chloe said.

It’s not surprising that Chloe’s dream is to work in a library. After all, she is an avid book reader and lover of mystery novels. In her spare time, you will find Chloe curled up on her favourite lounge chair, immersed in her latest book.

“I read non-stop, even if it is five minutes every day. I love reading,” said Chloe. “I like mystery books, like Famous Five and Secret Seven.”

She is following her passion by using her employment to learn skills that will help her pursue her goal of one day finding mainstream employment in a library. While she has always been confident, Monique shares that Chloe has grown through her employment and isn’t afraid to seek out opportunities.

“She's a lot more confident, a lot more self-sufficient. She just gets in there and does it on her own now,” Monique said.

“She's always been a confident person. She has realised her potential and is ready for new challenges and take on all the opportunities that may come her way. Her growth is very evident in that respect and will exceed her perceived limitations.”

Working with books isn’t the only passion that Chloe has been pursuing. Since experiencing gradual hearing loss, Chloe has been learning Auslan. Through learning Auslan, she became inspired to teach others.

“I decided to [teach Auslan] because my hearing is slowly going. I think it might go completely one day but I really hope not. So I have decided to teach at Learning and Lifestyle hubs and head office to communicate with people if I do one day completely go deaf,” Chloe said.

Chloe started teaching online Auslan classes to her colleagues at Endeavour Foundation Support Centre in 2022. Since then, she has started teaching in-person workshops at the Alexandra Hills Learning and Lifestyle hub every Tuesday and hopes to expand her classes to more Learning and Lifestyle hubs around Brisbane.

“It makes me very excited and happy to see people wanting to learn a new language and how engaged they are, and how some people are able to do the signs without my help. I am a very proud teacher,” Chloe said.

Although she’s already achieved a lot, Chloe is looking confidently towards the future. She hopes to expand her Auslan classes within Endeavour Foundation and around the community.

“Now I am asking who signed up to series 1 and 2 if they would like to keep going and I email them a copy of the booklets I have made,” Chloe says.

“[I hope] to one day be able to teach all Endeavour Learning & Lifestyle hubs in Brisbane.”

Chloe's story serves as a powerful reminder that within each of us lies the potential to overcome obstacles and pursue our passions. Chloe’s journey proves that when we believe in ourselves, the possibilities are truly limitless.

While she hasn’t taken over the world quite yet, we can’t wait to see what Chloe will do next! Until then, you may just find her solving the next big mystery in her favourite reading chair.

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