5 essentials to choosing the right food packaging

You've got the food product, now who's going to package it?

Every stage from manufacturing your product to a customer taking it home plays an essential role. Which is why it’s really important to make sure that you’ve got the right people on your team who value your product as much as you do.

It can be tricky to know what to look for when choosing a business partner to package your product. Fortunately, our food packaging experts have come to the rescue and put together these five essential factors your food packaging partner must have.

1. Affordability

Finding the right food packaging suppliers is an important part of providing your customers with quality products and services at competitive prices. When reaching out to prospective businesses consider:

  • putting together a list all your packaging needs so you receive an accurate and competitive quote
  • the time and labour savings you make when outsourcing this element in your production chain,
  • and the peace of mind you gain when working with someone you trust.

Start by requesting a free quote and work with our experts to solve your business needs.

2. Compliant to food safety standards

The next element to consider is whether the business is complaint to the current food safety standards. Food safety in Australia and New Zealand is extremely strict and well regulated. So as experts in food packaging, we always have our finger on the pulse when it comes to staying up to date and maintaining the latest Safe Food Australia - Food Safety Practices. You should be confident that the packaging partners you choose are also the same, and are compliant by meeting the legal requirements for your type of product from beginning to end.

When we receive your product all the goods are checked on delivery for leakages, tampering, and are assessed to check if it meets the standard quality parameters by testing a sample size. After every job is complete, we do a thorough clean of the packaging room and conduct swab tests to ensure that no allergens are present for the next product. This attention to detail is why we’re certified in Safe Quality Food (SQF), Halal, Kosher, Organic and HACCP.

3. Quality of service

You want your product to look and feel the best, especially when it’s sitting next to your competitors on the shelf.

When it comes to packaging your product, it’s important that you don’t skimp on the quality of service. To give yourself piece of mind when it comes to quality assurance, ask your food packaging partner the following things before you sign on the dotted line:

  • a sample of a similar packaged product to help you confirm whether the production output matches your product requirements
  • an option to inspect the packaging facility
  • an opportunity to meet the team, after all they will be on your team as well.

Our Business Solutions sites invite you to ‘tour the floor’, to see where and how your product/s will be packaged and meet with the employees working on your line.

Many of our employees have worked with us for more than 10 years, packing for brands such as San Churros, Nandos and Nodo Donuts. You can be rest assured that each production line is made up of a Production Team Leader, Quality Assurance Lead, and packaging personnel who all work together to complete the production line.

4. Capabilities and flexibility

Whether you are shipping 500 or 6,000 units per day to meet your order requirements, the capability of your packaging partner should be considered. Capability is not just the physical ability to do the job, but also the track record of the people leading the effort.

Make sure that your potential partner has all the necessary equipment, tools, and talent to meet your requirements.

What is unique about our food packaging services is our flexibility and capability to meet any and all your business packaging needs by providing a range of services. Whatever your requirements, we have you covered, just have a chat to our friendly sales team and allow us to help you find the perfect solution.

5. Aligned with your brand

Selecting a packaging partner in some cases can help you achieve your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals.

Have you heard of value-driven packaging? By partnering with us, your product will create opportunities for people with disability to work, develop skills, earn an income, explore their interests, and be involved in their community. Read our blog on how your packaging has the power to achieve your CSR while also meeting your bottom line.

Choosing the right business to support your packaging needs is a big decision. However, if you spend the time doing your homework and ask the right questions, you will improve your chances of having a positive, long-term food packaging partner.

Ready to switch to Endeavour Foundation’s packaging solutions? All you have to do is call 1800 112 112 for a free quote.

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