My Home, My Life

We know building your best home helps you build your best life.

People with disability deserve the choice to live in homes that are fully accessible and can meet their current and future needs. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of suitable homes in Australia, and this issue is even more critical for people who require greater accessibility.

Our commitment

We are committed to taking action and making a difference in addressing this housing shortage. Since the initiative began in 2020, we have invested a total of $28 million towards accessible housing.

Current challenges faced by people with disabilities

Aging parents and support

Many adults with disabilities are living with aging parents who provided a lifetime of care. These parents are increasingly in need of support at home, creating a challenging situation for families.

Unsuitable and unstable accommodation

Some people with disabilities find themselves in unsuitable or temporary accommodations, struggling to secure a safe and permanent place to call home.

Lack of social housing

The number of households that include one or more person with disability on the social housing register in Queensland is around three quarters higher than what it was six years ago.

  • There are 25,364 households on the social housing register and nearly half of those households (46% / 11,760) include a person with disability. (Statistics to 30 June 2023)
  • In addition, 7,880 households currently need a modified home based on a household member’s disability.

My Home, My Life in action

Endeavour Foundation launched the My Home, My Life initiative in 2020 with the goal to build new accessible homes and renovate existing ones to the highest standards.

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“A good house is a safe house”

Ross is among 12 Bundaberg locals with disability who has moved into one of four brand-new fully accessible homes, thanks to our landmark My Home, My Life initiative.

“I’ve been wanting a patio for a long time now to do artwork and make things on.”

“A good house, is a safe one and not boring!” Ross said.

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